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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, located in the back corners of the mouth. There are up to four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 24, however some people are naturally missing one of more of their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

For most people, wisdom teeth don't cause any problems so don't need to be removed. However sometimes wisdom teeth do not grow properly or do not erupt into a position that allows them to function. This is known as impaction and can be caused by soft tissue (i.e. gums) or by other teeth or bones.

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in increased decay or infection, pain and swelling, and can also contribute to overcrowding in the mouth.

If wisdom teeth are impacted, they are often removed to prevent these issues, even if issues are not yet present.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Most wisdom teeth can be removed by your dentist. North Shore Dentistry are one of the most reputable teams for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, and can organise the removal of wisdom teeth with the help of sedation in our rooms. This eliminates the need to go into hospital to have your teeth removed.

We have a trained consultant and a medical seditionist is available to provide you with this service. Our auxiliary staff will manage everything for you making this procedure simple and uncomplicated.

If the tooth is badly impacted, the dentist may need to remove any bone covering the tooth, and may need to cut the tooth into pieces to make it easier to remove. Sometimes, stitches may be required.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

It's normal to experience tenderness for the first few days following wisdom teeth removal. Some patients also experience swelling and bruising, particularly if the teeth were badly impacted necessitating bone removal.

Any pain usually subsides within 1-2 days. However it's important to contact your dentist if pain becomes worse.

Wisdom Teeth Removal & Preparation

As with any surgery, preparation is needed to ensure the surgery goes as well as possible and minimise any risks. Prior to wisdom teeth removal, North Shore Dentistry will work with you to understand any existing health issues and prepare you for surgery. As some of the leading dentists for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, you can rely on North Shore Dentistry to assist you in preparing for your wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal & Post Surgery Care

Before leaving the surgery, you'll be given advice about looking after your teeth and gums, and may be given painkillers, antibiotics or mouthwash to take home. If you have dissolvable stiches, they should disappear within 7-10 days. If your stitches require removal, your dentist will arrange this for a week after surgery.

North Shore Dentistry will provide you with full instructions for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery care to ensure the procedure is as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney NSW

Would you like to find out how we can help to make this procedure more pleasant for you?

Please call us on (02) 9449 9366 for your wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, or send us a message.

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