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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentist Sydney

Laser dentistry assists in the comfort, recovery and success of treatment in comparison to conventional methods.

The Future FOR Dental Treatment

At North Shore Dentistry we’re committed to providing our patients with the latest in professional dental care and treatment plans. That’s why we offer professional laser dental care, a targeted and effective form of treatment that allows for increased precision and minimal recovery time. When it comes to laser dentistry, North Shore residents know they can trust our team to provide effective treatment that will deliver lasting relief from a range of common tooth and gum conditions, with services delivered at a low and competitive cost. Laser technology is now well established in dental care. It is fast becoming the most popular treatment for patients due to the many advantages laser treatment has over conventional dentistry methods. As well as offering a safe, quick and virtually painless experience, some of the other benefits of laser treatment include:

Laser Dentistry
  • Less use of needles and drilling
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Helps to protect against decay
  • Less bleeding during and after surgery
  • No vibration which can cause tooth damage
  • Sterilisation of tooth preventing recurring decay and infection
  • Great for kids who are usually scared of the vibration and sound of drilling

To book a consultation with our skilled and experienced laser dentists, North Shore residents can visit our local clinic or get in touch with our dedicated staff.

Laser TREATMENT at North Shore Dentistry

Laser technology is the future of dentistry and allows a much more comfortable, effective and efficient experience for patients. Advancements in dental technology result in better solutions for traditional oral health problems. Patients and dentists benefit from newer techniques that are less invasive, more dependable and allow the highest standard of dental care possible.

If you require dental treatment or are simply in need of a check-up, contact the professional, friendly team at North Shore Dentistry and receive the highest quality care through the latest dental technology and techniques. As some of the leading laser dentists in Sydney, you can count on us for tailored treatments using the latest technologies. Call today on 02 9449 9366 for all appointment bookings.

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