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Custom Made Snoring Appliances & Sleep Apnoea Solutions

Are you embarrassed by your snoring? DOES YOUR PARTNER? SNORING KEEP YOU AWAKE?

Snoring occurs when the area at the back of the throat or nose relaxes or narrows, restricting airflow and resulting in a snoring noise.

Snoring can be caused by:

  • Illnesses, such as asthma, tonsillitis, colds and sinus infections
  • Allergies
  • Being overweight
  • Smoking
  • Medications, such as sleeping tablets or antihistamines
  • Alcohol

You're not alone. Snoring affects roughly 20% of adults during their lifetime.

In addition to snorers keeping their partner, and often other family members awake, snoring has been linked to serious health concerns, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Snoring appliances, called Mandibular Advancement Devices, can help with snoring. The devices hold the lower jaw and tongue forward to keep the airway open during sleep.

If you want to finally get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed, North Shore Dentistry can help you or your partner with a custom-made snoring appliance.

Talk to use about sleep apnoea solutions and snoring appliances.

Phone today on 9449 9366 to discuss your needs with one of our experienced, understanding dentists.


The information provided above is general in nature and not intended to provide specific advice. Contact North Shore Dentistry to discuss whether this treatment is right for you, and the risks it carries. Your dentist will conduct an examination and provide a diagnosis, advising you on the appropriate treatment for you. Further information will be provided regarding the treatment, as well as a discussion of possible complications and costs involved.

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