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Advancements in dental technology offer better solutions for traditional oral health problems than ever before. The trend in dentistry is utilising dental technology to make dentistry more comfortable, durable, efficient and natural-looking for the patient as possible. Patients and their dentists benefit from newer techniques that are less invasive and more dependable than the years of past. Procedures that formerly took multiple trips to the dentist or required multiple health care providers can often be performed in the comfort of one office by one qualified provider using modern dental technology. There are many new advancements in dental technology that your dentist may choose to offer for an enhanced state of comfort and improved oral health. These advances play an important role in the comfort of the patients as well as the dentists, hygienists, and office managers at the practice, allowing them to provide the highest standard of dental care possible. Some dental technologies you may see the next time you visit North Shore Dentistry include:


3D Imaging allows our dentists to see a 3 dimensional image of your jaws, thereby diagnosing any pathology that might be present. They also use this technology to position implants in the optimal position to ensure the best results possible.


An intra-oral camera enables you to see on a monitor what we see during your examination. This allows us to explain in detail exactly what treatment is required. It has a miniature video camera with 25X zoom magnification ensuring even the smallest problem doesn't go unnoticed.


Our laser is one of the most sophisticated and versatile pieces of dental technology available at North Shore Dentistry. It can also be used instead of the drill on small cavities on children and adults. Intricate surgical procedures such as gum contouring and gum lifts to get rid of a gummy smile can be completed with greater precision and result in a quicker recovery.


Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, which kills germs as soon as it comes into contact with them. At North Shore Dentistry all our instruments are disinfected using ozonated water, washed in a 95 degree dishwasher prior to being autoclaved, ensuring maximum infection control. Infected root canals are disinfected using ozone thereby minimising chances of re-infection and post-operative pain. Deep gum pockets and infections are also sterilised and protected from further infection. Ozone readily decomposes into oxygen and leaves no harmful residues. North Shore Dentistry is one of the few practices in Australia offering this service.

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