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How to Maximise Your Dental Benefits Before They Reset

If you have a private health fund policy, avoid missing out on your included extras by making sure you maximise all available rebates before your limits reset. When it comes to dental benefits, you may find you’re covered for more than you thought, with some policies including cosmetic treatments like Invisalign® teeth straightening and teeth whitening.

By taking advantage of all your available rebates, you can smile even brighter with a range of dental extras. Here are our tips on maximising your dental benefits before they reset:

First, check your policy

Do you know what dental extras your health insurance policy covers you for? If you’re unsure, now is the time to double-check the fine print so you know exactly what you’re able to claim on.

You may find there are more services available than you realised, with some health insurance policies offering rebates for orthodontic treatments, as well as cosmetic procedures like veneers.

Book a check-up and clean

Most health fund policies include at least one annual dental check-up and clean with no gap, which means you’re able to claim the full cost of your check-up. If you haven’t visited us for a check-up in the past year, make sure you book in before your dental benefits reset.

Aside from enjoying the fresh feeling of a thorough clean, a dental check-up is an important step in identifying any potential issues which may require further treatment - and could end up costing you more down the track if left untreated. Your dentist will assess your oral health and talk to you about any concerns you might have. In addition, you may wish to discuss options for cosmetic treatments you’re considering.

Talk to your dentist about what further treatments you require

If you need further dental treatment, we can help you develop a treatment plan that allows you to maximise your dental extras by booking in certain included treatments before your benefits reset.

Your dentist can help you establish an appropriate timeline for your treatments, and assist you in deciding which services can be undertaken in the next few months to maximise your available limits.

Make the most of cosmetic extras

If your health fund policy offers rebates for any cosmetic dental treatments that you’re interested in, avoid missing out on this year’s extras by booking them in before your health fund resets.

Cosmetic treatments that may be covered by your private health fund include Invisalign® - a revolutionary teeth-straightening treatment that uses clear, removable aligners - and teeth whitening services that can be performed in our practice or as a take-home kit.

Book an appointment online with North Shore Dentistry and make the most of your dental extras today.

To see is you’re a candidate for Invisalign or Braces contact North Shore Dentistry. today!

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