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Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Dental care catered to kids

Orthodontics for Children – Family Dentist Sydney

Healthy teeth for life start in childhood. Teaching your children to establish good oral care habits, such as regular brushing and flossing, at a young age will pay lifetime dividends in their health. North Shore Dentistry offers routine cleans and fluorides, fissure seals to protect teeth from cavities and growth monitoring. By checking the growth pattern of your child’s jaw, we can prevent extraction of permanent teeth by modifying the jaw growth of the child. As some of the most knowledgeable and experienced kids? orthodontics in Sydney, our team will be able to identify treatments that would support your child?s teeth or jaw development as they grow older. The experienced and caring team at North Shore Dentistry also deal with multiple disciplines such as Speech Pathologists and Ear-Nose Throat professionals to modify habits and jaw growth, thereby preventing costly and lengthy orthodontic work in their teenage years. We recommend that all children aged 7 years or older have an orthodontic assessment as soon as possible from our kids? orthodontics in Sydney to enable early intervention. To book an appointment with a leading team of orthodontics and children’s dentists in North Shore, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic today.

Children’s Dentistry

Kids Orthodontics Sydney

At North Shore Dentistry we know that most kids don't enjoy coming to the dentist. That's why we're working hard to change that fact. At our clinic we've created a fun, relaxed and inviting environment for all patients, helping make the stress and worry of your upcoming dentist appointment a distant memory.

When they're looking for a friendly and qualified children's dentist Sydney parents want to be sure that their kids are receiving the very best care available. At North Shore Dentistry that's exactly what we provide, offering everything from general check-ups and cleaning to tailored orthodontic treatment from pre-schoolers to teenagers.

Our orthodontic care plans can help to set-up your children for a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles. We provide a range of treatment options, including discreet, clear braces that do away with the need for the obvious wires and fixtures of metal braces.

We work closely with each child to determine the best course of treatment, providing a targeted and effective plan with custom braces that will fit comfortably. At North Shore Dentistry we will help your child see the benefits of dental care at home and regular check-ups with our dental practitioners, and promote awareness of the important role that their oral health and hygiene plays in their overall wellbeing.

Book a consultation with one of our orthodontics today and help you kids take the first step to stronger and straighter teeth.

Always with Your Best Interests At Heart

Family Dentist Sydney

Searching for a team of friendly and qualified family dentists in Sydney that deliver comprehensive care at a competitive price? Then look no further than North Shore Dentistry. With over 20 years of dental experience, you can be sure that you family is in good hands at our independent clinic.

Our dental therapists provide dental treatment to pre-school, primary and secondary school children in close conjunction with the dentists. As some of the most trusted family dentists in Sydney, our dental therapist uses tailored anxiety reduction methods for children to focus on prevention.

As an independently owned and operated clinic we know how important affordable and trusted dental care is for every member of the family. That's why we are committed to providing premier dental care and services at affordable prices to suit any budget.

Our caring dental therapists excel at working with children to educate and promote dental confidence, reduce dental anxiety, and prevent dental disease. We listen to the reviews of all of our patients, using their feedback to develop family-focused clinic.

If your child needs a dental check, book your consultation with North Shore Dentistry today, the family dentists Sydney counts on. For all enquiries call our staff on 02 9449 9366.

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