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The local dental clinic for Hornsby residents

Dental Implants Hornsby

Thanks to our years of training, experience, and knowledge, the passionate team of dentists at North Shore Dentistry have built a reputation for being able to improve the oral health of our patients throughout the North Shore region of Sydney. Utilising the latest in orthodontic repair and treatment methods and techniques, our team can improve the quality of our patient’s teeth and gums while also easing the pain and discomfort caused by dental issues. One of the services we provide is dental implants. Hornsby residents seeking to regain the full function of their teeth or replace missing teeth should look no further than our selection of durable and long-lasting dental implants. Whether you require dentures, replacement teeth or any other dental implant, North Shore Dentistry will be able to assist, being some of the leading dentists in the Hornsby area.

Beam your brightest with tooth whitening

Tooth Whitening Hornsby

North Shore Dentistry can make your mouth look and feel better than ever, offering cosmetic dentistry to help you to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. One of the most popular treatments among our patients in Hornsby is tooth whitening. Tooth whitening can greatly improve your confidence, with North Shore Dentistry offering the ever-popular Zoom! whitening to our patients.Contact us today to discuss whether tooth whitening is an appropriate cosmetic treatment for you, the risks associated and the most suitable whitening method for you.

Function, hygiene and aesthetics

Invisalign Hornsby

Developed to markedly improve the growth and development of misaligned teeth, Invisalign Braces supplied and fitted by our dentists ensure that patients don’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing corrective braces. Practically invisible and easy-to-clean, Invisalign Braces can be customised to the size and shape of each individual’s mouth.Using Invisalign, our dentists provide Hornsby patients with a discreet yet effective solution to crooked teeth, delivering a straighter and stronger smile with a more consistent bite.

Regain your smile with dental crowns

Dental Crowns Hornsby

Dental crowns are an ideal solution for those with a missing tooth (or several missing teeth), allowing you to regain your natural smile. North Shore Dentistry use CEREC technology to provide durable, natural-looking dental crowns to Hornsby residents, simply call our team to discuss whether dental crowns could be right for you.

Advanced technology for pain-free dental care

Laser Dentist Hornsby

North Shore Dentistry adopt the latest technologies to ensure our patients have more comfortable experiences at our clinic, with one of these technologies being laser dentistry. Hornsby locals can benefit from laser dentistry as it involves minimal use of drilling and needles, allows for reduced treatment time and promotes faster healing. Make your next visit to the dentist more comfortable by turning to North Shore Dentistry’s laser dentists.

Emergency care that gets to the root of your problem

Emergency Dentist Hornsby

Broken dentures, sports injuries and abscesses are all common reasons for needing an emergency dentist in Hornsby, if you experience a dental emergency, turn to North Shore Dentistry for prompt and professional assistance. At North Shore Dentistry, we strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction and comfort to our patients throughout the North Shore region and surrounding suburbs. Conveniently located in Turramurra, our highly trained orthodontic professionals will assist our clients with their unique needs and requirements. Whether you require tooth whitening in the Hornsby area, Invisalign Braces or just a regular check-up, contact North Shore Dentistry today to speak to our friendly team about your needs.

Experienced Dental Care for the Whole Family

Children’s Dentist Hornsby

Searching for an experienced and friendly children’s dentist near me? When they want their child to have the best dental care available Hornsby parents turn to the team at North Shore Dentistry. With the help of our children’s dentists Hornsby kids can learn the importance of looking after their oral health and hygiene, and get set on the right path to a lifetime of healthy, shining smiles. To book an appointment with our family dentists Hornsby residents can visit our clinic or contact our staff today.

We’ll Make Your Smile Shine

Cosmetic Dentist Hornsby

At North Shore Dentistry we provide a range of high-quality treatment and care plans to get your teeth and gums looking their very best. Our cosmetic dentists work closely with each patient to determine what treatment option will work best for their smile. Whether it’s natural-looking porcelain veneers, quick teeth whitening procedures or affordable dermal fillers we can transform your smile.To find out more about the benefits of working with a professional cosmetic dentist Hornsby residents can contact North Shore Dentistry today.

Orthodontic Treatment Designed for Your Smile

Hornsby Orthodontics

When patients in Hornsby want orthodontic treatment from an experienced and trusted practitioner, they turn to the staff at North Shore Dentistry. With more than 20 years of experience you can be sure to find a treatment to suit your smile at our clinic. Our orthodontic services provide our patients with a tailored method of care that can straighten crooked or misaligned teeth and correct overbites and underbites, helping to improve their oral health in the long run and allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life overall. Learn what we can do for your smile today by getting in touch with the North Shore Dentistry staff.

Trust in 20 Years of Experience

Wisdom Teeth Removal Hornsby

Don’t let pain and discomfort in your jaw get in the way of your day-to-day life. Visit North Shore Dentistry and find out how our stress-free wisdom tooth removal can get you smiling once again! Our dentists can help to prevent the risk of infection, inflammation or damage to your surrounding teeth that can often occur when dealing with a troublesome wisdom tooth. When it comes to wisdom teeth removal Hornsby residents know to trust the best. They know to trust the team at North Shore Dentistry. For all appointment and consultation enquiries call 02 9449 9366 today.

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