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If you are anxious about having dental treatment, sleep dentistry and sedation may be beneficial for you.

Sedation dentistry has evolved significantly in recent years to be safer and more effective than ever, giving you a comfortable, pain-free dental experience.

For minor anxiety, pre-medication with a sedative can be beneficial for your visits. You will need to be accompanied by another adult to and from the dental surgery for your treatment.
North Shore Dentistry also offers inhalation sedation using Penthrox, which is patient administered to your desired level.

For those that want to be sedated to a greater degree, we offer sleep dentistry or intravenous sedation which is administered and monitored by a medical anaesthetist who is specially brought in for your appointment. The sedation component of your treatment is covered by Medicare with a very small gap remaining.

  • Would you like to sleep through your dental visit?
  • Do needles make you anxious?
  • Does the sound of the drill make you cringe?
  • Do you hate keeping your mouth open for long periods?
  • Are you phobic of dentistry because of bad previous experiences?
  • Do you detest multiple dental visits?

If you said “yes” to any of these, sedation or sleep dentistry may be perfect for you!

How does sleep dentistry work?

Our qualified medical sedationists administers intravenous sedation which helps you stay relaxed during the procedure. You are in a relaxed state but still conscious.

The level of sedation can be controlled to your liking. If you prefer oral sedation or inhalation sedation, we can talk to you about these options as well. You will need someone to drive you back home after this procedure.

This procedure is especially suitable for anxious patients that have put off dental treatment due to their fear of dentists and dental procedures.

We can help you overcome your fears and get the smile you have always wanted!

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